What is Computer.

Definition of Computer.

Computer is an electronic device that accepts data and instructions as input, process the data according to the given instructions and produce information as output”

  • Electronic Machines: A machine which uses electronic circuits for its working.It s an inanimate / dull object.
  • Data:  Something that we give to the computer in the form of text, picture, sound and etc.
  • Input: To enter data inside a computer.
  • Processing: Doing some arithmetic and Logical operation.
  • Information: Data after processing according to given instructions.
  • Output: To produce data for outside world

Computer Characteristics.

  • Electronic Machines.
    A machine which uses electronic circuits for its working.It s an inanimate / dull object.
  • Automatic.
    It continues to run without outside intervention.
  • Data Manipulate.
    It can manipulate data (arithmetic and Logical Operation)
  • Memory:
    It has memory to store information for future use.

Capabilities of Computer.

  • Speed:
    It can process data faster than any machine.its speed depends on its hardware.
  • Repetitions:
    It can perform same task millions of time tirelessly.
  • Accuracy:
    A computer’s high speed processing is accompanied by high speed result.
  • Logical Operations:
    Computer can make decisions by using logical operations.
  • Store and recall information:
    Lie human brain, it can store information and recall it when needed.
  • Self checking:
    Computer can verify the accuracy of its own work.
  • Self Operating:
    Once the data and program are fed, computer executes the instructions on its own, without human intervention.

Limitations of Computer.

  • A computer can not generate information on its own.
  • A computer can not correct wrong instructions.
  • It can not take any decision.


“The physical components forming a computer are called Hardware.”

Hardware is a collective term tat includes all physical parts inside and outside a computer.We can classify it in two categories.

  • Internal Hardware: It includes parts inside a computer. (RAM, Motherboard, Hard Disk and etc.)
  • External Hardware: It includes parts outside a computer. (Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor and etc.)


“Software is a program or set of instructions that tells the computer hardware what to do”

Microsoft windows and MS office are common examples of software.

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